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Feb 2, 2013 6:20pm EST
on and the senate on c-span 2. and this week's radio address, president obama and congresswoman susan brooks talked about needing to reduce the national debt. the president emphasized investing in programs that enable economic recovery. susan brooks urged democrats to pass a budget. >> hi, everyone. we face some important decisions about how to put down our debt in a way that grows our economy and create good jobs. the decision that will make a real difference in the strength of our recovery. we began with economists and business leaders saying that we are poised to grow. there are signs of progress. car sales are at a five year high. manufacturing is coming back. businesses created 2.2 million jobs last year. we have learned that our economy created more jobs in the last few months that economists are originally thought. this week we also received the first testament of the economic growth over the last a few months. it reminded us that bad decisions in washington can get in the way of economic rugrats. we agree -- economic progress. we agree that we cannot cut our way to prosperity.
Feb 2, 2013 3:00pm PST
. for now, he is free of the threat of deportation under the obama deferred action program. but he wants to become a citizen. last year, he joined others to lobby for comprehensive immigration reform. now with talk of a new bipartisan framework he is optimistic. >> what is necessary is a comprehensive reform with a path to citizenship. i mean, we are pretty much americans, even though undocumented, we are american citizens. >> reporter: but there are many in the country who may take issue with that. according to the latest poll, 43% of americans regarding the u.s. policy say that americans should focus on deporting u.s. immigrants. >> what is your response to that? >> i mean, it is clear that government has stated it is not an option. these are people contributing to our economy, these are people who have lived here probably ten, 15, 20 years. these are people truly americans. >> reporter: when you look at this family you can see why the immigration issue is so hard. >> i have a baby, and i don't know what will happen to me if they deport me to my country. >> reporter: she lives in
Feb 2, 2013 5:05am PST
program is this man, john brennan, a senior official at the cia and head of the national counterterrorism center during the bush presidency. reportedly, barack obama considered offering him the top job at the cia in 2008, but public opposition caused brennan to withdraw from consideration. obama kept brennan on as an adviser, and last year, when brennan became the first official to formally acknowledge that the drone program even existed, he again encountered protests. >> how many people are you willing to sacrifice? why are you lying to the american people and not saying how many innocents have been killed? >> thank you ma'am for expressing your views. we will have time for questions following the presentation. >> i speak out on behalf of tariq aziz. a 16-year-old in pakistan who was killed because he wanted to document the drone strikes. >> now, despite brennan's past notoriety, obama officially has nominated him to head the cia. this time, there's been little criticism of the decision. so, we'll watch brennan's upcoming confirmation hearings to see if any congressional
Feb 2, 2013 8:00am EST
privatized system that we have done a lot of work showing how dangerous it is. the obama administration wants to increase this program especially for poultry. it would mean more than 200 birds a minute are being slaughtered in a plant. that is not a misstatement. 200 birds a minute. there is no way there can be any inspection of these carcasses and these are immigrant workers, extremely dangerous work. imagine both hands get sliced. all sorts of horrible injuries and because of all the contamination from salmonella you can never eat another piece of chicken. they get the chicken into chemicals, things like corn and sodium phosphate. that really over originated with the corn -- the clinton administration. a lengthy answer. i don't know how much time we have. >> what is the mandate of the usda? where did go wrong and what will it take? >> we had the usda basically an agency, the secretary is appointed by the president and these companies have so much political power that they basically dictate policy so the regulatory agencies have as much problem doing their job as congress does especially bec
Feb 1, 2013 10:30pm EST
everybody back. >> one place it is encouraged is some of the programs that president obama put in with the recovery act and try to continue. the race to the top program. we were designing the recovery act, one priority was spending all the money come on let's do things to help the economy. let's also do things are good for the long-run health. a bunch of money to state and local governments to say, you are in trouble, you don't cut services or education, here is the money. a chump was held back for the race to the top program. a competitive grant program. one of the key parts is, rather than viewing the teachers union as an adversary, can a community getting union -- get the union and get something, if they could come up with something they got the money. that is a good model for not just demonizing the teachers union. one of the places where the economic evidence is probably strongest is on the value of spending at very young ages. some research coming out of the university of chicago, not usually a hotbed of liberal ideas, especially on the economic side, investments and really
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Feb 2, 2013 4:00am EST
show it's getting better. i think they have handle on it now. i like your program. i think it's fair. so, i want you and president obama to get on the phone and get this thing so it doesn't turn into a bloody mess. >> maybe we can come on the show together. >> absolutely. i will give you the whole hour. you guys will come on and we will sort it out. you know what? i don't know if president obama wants to solve thighs problems. i think he wants to destroy the republican party, particularly in the eyes of hispanic american voters, so he is going to make it as hard as possible to get anything done and demonize you guys. i hope i'm wrong, but that's what i'm seeing here. with the fiscal business and now with the guns and now with this. >> i hope you are wrong, too. because ultimately we have a chance to involve solve an important issue and do it the right way. >> bill: do you think i'm wrong. >> i don't think. >> come on. >> i can tell you that i believe that there are people in the democratic party or i should say on the left that would prefer to have immigration as an issue than as a s
Feb 2, 2013 12:30am PST
a bacero program. if that's there, you're going to have the afl-cio, big labor down on president obama's neck. >> he did have senator mccain saying that we need to have the pathway to citizenship. >> but the point is that you have a bipartisan -- a very fragile bipartisan debate and it all blows up very easily. if we can go into a rancorous debate similar to what we had in 1994 with 187. >> as you can see, certainly this is an issue that is not going go away. i want to thank you for your insight. we're going to continue to follow the story. tha thanks for joining us. >>> the mass shootings in newtown, connecticut, and other places united advocates and lawmakers. calling for better screening for mentally ill people that could turn violence. ed lee announced plans to put in place a version of little known state law that aims to prevent another tragedy. >> it's time to implement san francisco's version of the so-called laura's law. to help the severely mentally ill who we too often see on our streets. >> for more than ten years, california has had laura's law on the books, but until
Feb 2, 2013 6:30pm EST
spotlight. >> retired army lieutenant general russel honore, we have a program note for tomorrow, during the pregame show, we will sit down live at the white house for an interview with president obama. that will be at 4:30 eastern time. when we come back in just a moment, we will have a story about another one of the citizens of new orleans that makes this one of the greatest cities in america. we will be back to new orleans in just a moment. >> pelley: finally tonight, this city has a rhythm and a beat like no other. jazz is in its dna, michelle miller introduces us to one of the musicians who makes new orleans swing. >> welcome shorty. >> troy andrews may never outgrow his childhood nickname, 20 years ago he was dubbed trombone shorty, a horn blowing projecprodigy who, prodigy who d jazz parades at five years old with an instrument twice his size. >> and it was always heavy so i was always leaning to the side. >> did it throw you off balance. >> yeah. >> i was parading up the street tilting over, my mom had to be there to make sure i didn't go over. >> andrew grew up in a toug
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Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
far iran has not been willing to sit down with the clinton, bush or obama administration. iran recently announced it will add new machines to speed up the ability to enrich uranium. mahmoud ahmadinejad says iran's program is for civilian purposes. but the u.s. and other nations believe iran is trying to build a nuclear weapons arsenal. one fox military analyst says the offer for bilateral talks probably won't go anywhere. >> probably just a signal to let the europeans think we are trying. it is a feel good thing but it's not going to happen. let's be realistic about it. i think we have to start moving out and taking covert measures, not overt. covert measures with others to ensure that they do not get nuclear weapons. >> general mcinerney says they are stalling to develop more weapons. >>> the vice president's gesture may be falling on deaf ears as they unveil their new warplane. the plane called the dominant 313 is made in iran. according to the nation's military it combines a speed of a fighter jet with the firepower of a bomber and can evade radar but none of the planes can
Feb 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
exploring key issues facing both president obama and prime minister netanyahu after elections in both countries. earlier this week, margaret looked at the spillover of the war in syria and the threat posed by iran's nuclear program. for tonight's report, sh traveled to the west bank and gaza to examine the growing disillusionment among both israelis and palestinians about the prospects for peace. >> when i start a small business, then start to be big. >> warner: he launched his furniture business in the west bank town 20 years ago. s a young man just before the 1993 oslo accords promised a newera in israeli-palestinian relations. >> he thought his world was changing. >> and all of my customer is israeli people, israeli companies. i reach-- . >> warner: times were good with 150 employee os making and selling furniture. then came the second palestinian intifadah or uprising, that brought suicide bombings and terror to israel. >> after the intifadah all things gone, closed, everything. >> warner: thousands of shoppers from israel used to drive up this road to take advantage of bargains i
Feb 2, 2013 7:00am PST
jindal appealed to president obama for a meeting to advice him on how to fix medicaid and pleading for quote, plexability for the states to make their own decision about the program. well, thanks to recently announced cuts in louisiana's medicaid programs, we know what bobby jindal's idea of flexibility lacks like. if you are a poor person living in louisiana and living with hiv, you will lose your case management visits and if you are a low income mother, you can say good-bye to the home care visits by a nurse for your newborn, and if you are need of services, forget them, and if you are a nursing home resident and you need speech therapy, you can say good-bye to that. thank you, bobby jindal. this in a state with the highest poverty and the lowest rates of insurance, and for his hopes of being president one day, you can forget it bobby jindal, fbj. and joining me is patrick milsap and majev malhotra, an active leader in american indian affairs. and i want to start with you, majev, because you wrote a piece in the "washington post" about my governor saying that indian americans ar
Feb 2, 2013 5:00am PST
we need to have a guest worker program. we need to have a way to deal with this market demand for labor in some industries -- and right now we don't have it. i don't think the obama administration plan deals with the issue, but it's something that we in texas see as a solution to the need for these people to find work and the solution of dealing with the workers that we need in some of our industries. >> can i touch on that? >> yes. >> then lets invest in programs that train people here in the united states. i find it fascinating that the conservatives are so interested in making sure that they have access to workers through a guest worker program, and yet they won't invest in education or employment or training programs or other things that help train and prepare the american work force for those jobs and the jobs of the 21st century. >> the jobs we're talking about is agricultural workers. it's not a question of training. it's the lowest part of the wage scale. >> we have high wage workers coming through immigration processes. we have engineers. >> h-1b. >> this is where immigra
Feb 2, 2013 7:00am PST
jobs last year. mr. obama suggests economic reforms including reducing the cost of healthcare programs like medicare and closing loopholes in the tax code. >>> first time in five years that the dow closed above 14,000. the industrial average had dropped to as low as 6600 in 2009. analysts credit increased consumer confidence, manufacturing, and auto sales for the recent stock market surge. >> we're moving in the right direction and compared to a lot of other countries, i think we're in a good position. >> the economy has improved, so some people have a little bit more money. what do you do with that money? you could put it in the bank, but you earn, like, zero interest. >> many people prefer american investments because the european markets are struggling and many consider china as overvalued. however, analysts also say that adding the numbers up on wall street does not necessarily mean the average american is better off because more than 12 million people are still looking for jobs. >>> it is 9:21 on the clock. colin kaepernick fans are getting pumped up. how people in the ci
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)